Programs Offered

Programs Offered: 

Exploring Adaptations with Bird Beaks
Birds and Worms – Camouflage

Air Pollution
Indoor Air Quality

What is Energy?
School Energy Audit
Where does Electricity come from?

Habitats – Can animals adapt to new habitats?
Life Cycle of a Tree
Web of Life

Recognizing Assets and Liabilities in our Neighborhoods
REAL Places (3-5 part series)
What’s Good in My Hood (Elementary)

Resource Use
Cookie Mining
Ecological Footprint – Our personal impact on the Earth
Renewable or Not?

Recycling/Waste Management
Albatross Bolus – Plastic in the Environment
A Look at Aluminum
Garbage Dreams
Garbage Pizza
Greenhouse Gases Be Gone
How Long to Decompose
Landfill Model
Paper Making
Recycling Relay
Recycling Magic Show (K-2)
Trash Town

Aquifer in a Cup
Watershed Model
Watershed Exploration – Point and Nonpoint pollution
Water Cycle Activity
Water Quality Testing
Water Quality Testing – Ask the Bugs! (Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity)

We are always developing and adding new programs! Please email Kristine Jacobs at if you do not see the topic you are looking for. 

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