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Healthy and successful communities are engaged, educated and empowered. Clean Memphis has implemented a Zones Collaborative Strategy to break the city into 29 smaller geographic areas and better facilitate government services and neighborhood activities.

The zone framework allows community representatives and local government agencies to work together, identify issues related to crime and blight, and identify opportunities for beautification and community building. This strategy facilitates the creation of cohesive and active neighborhood groups that address neighborhood-specific cleanup and blight concerns as well as broader environmental sustainability issues. Clean Memphis is committed to identifying, supporting, educating, and engaging stakeholders in each of the zones.

Clean Memphis works in the community to:

  • Identify and connect stakeholders within each zone for greater collaboration – Goal of reaching a critical mass of engagement or Tipping Point.
  • Provide training and support to address code/cleanup and identify opportunities for beautification.
  • Connect stakeholders to the business and faith-based community within their zone.
  • Engage schools within each zone for education and volunteer support.
  • Promote and celebrate the activities within each zone.
  • Promote Quarterly Large-scale cleanup/beautification events. These events foster opportunities for communities to connect in a positive way with schools, churches and businesses.

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