Sustainable Schools Challenge

The Sustainable Schools Challenge (SSC) is a local, independent certification program modeled after the federal program. It is meant to serve the unique concerns and challenges faced by schools in the greater Memphis area.

The certification program is rigorous, yet attainable. By working alongside schools and in communities, it offers a comprehensive platform for clean, vibrant, and healthy school communities. Based on the three pillars of the Department of Education’s program, the overarching aim of the SSC is to form strong partnerships with schools by offering tangible metrics to track progress and promote principles of sustainability.

Pillar I: Reduce Environmental impact and costs

  • Improve energy conservation
  • Improve water efficiency and conservation
  • Reduce waste production
  • Use of alternative transportation

Pillar II: Healthy School Environment

  • Integrate school environmental health program
  • High standard of nutrition and fitness

Pillar III: Environmental and Sustainability Education

  • Interdisciplinary learning about the key relationships between dynamic environmental, energy, and human systems
  • Use of environmental and sustainability concepts to develop STEM content, knowledge, and thinking skills
  • Development and application of civic engagement knowledge and skills

The Sustainable Schools Challenge is meant to be a student-led campaign to change the culture of the school, resulting in more sustainable behavior. The Clean Memphis Education team is dedicated to providing each participating school with programming and support to meet their unique and promote successful completion. Certification is offered at Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels to allow schools to strive for the most suitable level.

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