The Last Wild is the first book in a British trilogy that tells the tale of a great pandemic that has come and killed all the animals left in the world. A young boy becomes the leader of the last group of animals that have summoned him to help them save themselves and the fate of the world, by finding a cure for the virus. This adventurous tale addresses today’s pandemic headlines while engaging students in a great adventure that shows them that we are all connected in this world – animals we may never see affect our ability to live on this planet – as well as engage them in the great adventure of reading!

Clean Memphis has developed a 9 week, 5th-6th grade-appropriate novel study that allows us to come into ELA classrooms and engage students in insightful, fun activities through the engaging Nearpod platform, using the author’s own videos and Clean Memphis staff reading aloud to students, focusing on comprehension, theme, vocabulary and environmental connections, as well as helping students learn the enjoyment of reading.